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Custom Framing


If you are wanting to enjoy your piece of artwork – whether that’s a painting, some memorabilia, needleworks, tapestries or whatever you want to appreciate, presentation is all-important. A custom framer will not only produce a well-balanced, attractive picture, the framing will also be good preservation for your artwork (whatever that may be).

A good framer will, first and foremost, think of YOU, the customer, and the work you are wanting to have framed. At Gladstone Picture Framing we will enhance your work of art without overpowering it and in doing so use materials to protect your piece or pieces of work. Do you ever go into Galleries and see works by Masters framed so that the piece of art fades into insignificance whilst the frame takes over? Never – and that is what good framing is all about.

Framing, as a result, need not be expensive. How the work is framed depends on what medium and materials have been used to create the piece. Most commonly watercolours, prints and other works on paper need to be behind glass whilst works on canvas do not, as a rule, need glass. There are several kinds of glass that need to be considered when framing and these should be discussed with us if you are concerned about the conservation of the art. However, the bottom line is any work should not be hung in direct sunlight.

If you do want your picture behind glass there are a wide variety of colours of mat-boards to compliment the art-work. The purpose of a mat is two-fold – cosmetic as well as preserving the work by pushing it away from the glass. The higher quality mat-boards also absorb impurities thus keeping the art-work free of foxing (discolouration of the paper).

These days there is an enormous range of frames to suit every taste and budget – from rustic wood to gilt frames – at Gladstone Picture Framing we have a great selection.

All you need to do is bring in whatever you are wishing to have framed and with your input and our advice we will arrive at a piece of work that you’ll treasure always.


Click here to view our gallery of custom framing!

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